Proven Amazon Systems, One Low Monthly Fee


We Manage & Scale your STORE on Amazon.


Account Set Up: We make the process of getting started with our service as smooth and easy as possible. We’ll guide you through every step, from setting up your business to properly configuring your Amazon account. Once that’s done, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting to drive growth for your store on Amazon.

Build & Launch: We’ll build a strategic plan to optimally launch you’re store. Once we set the right foundation, it’s time to scale!

Free Yourself: Now that you’re store is getting sales consistently and profitably you’ll be able to rely on our systems and team members that will operate and scale your business without you. Many of our clients got into business to achieve freedom, now you finally have it.


Proven Results.

With $18M+ sales under management, we developed a proven system that help stores accelerate their growth & success on Amazon.

Account Health Management

Proper account health management ensures your account runs smoothly by monitoring key metrics such as orders, customer service, returns, listing quality, inventory and financial health. Goal is to build a solid foundation and it starts here.

Product Listing

We handle all the product listings on your Amazon account, with a focus on listing high-quality items that will consistently sell day after day. It's crucial that we regularly update your inventory to maximize sales and revenue.

Product Research

We sell brand name products so it's important to look at market trends, consumer demand, and competition to find products that have the potential to generate revenue. We heavily focus on researching product keywords, analyzing product sales data, and studying customer reviews.

Sales & Reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting to keep you informed, including access to a sales dashboard and sales sheets, giving you clear insight into daily sales, profitability, and performance.

Order Fulfillment

Our order fulfillment and procurement process is designed to handle high volumes of orders with ease. By utilizing both retail and online arbitrage methods, we are able to efficiently process a vast number of orders in a single day, ensuring prompt and accurate delivery to customers

Sustainable Success

Our robust systems guarantee not only an increase in sales but also the overall well-being of your account on Amazon, ensuring sustained success in the long-term. You can trust us to provide the support and guidance you need to achieve success on the platform.

Prep & Logistics

We handle all shipping needs with our expert warehouse teams. Our three operational warehouses allow us to reach a significant portion of the nation and we are continually expanding to new locations.


Our team specializes in providing a comprehensive approach to launching and scaling your Amazon store, ensuring that it reaches its full potential and drives increased sales. Implementing effective strategies for scaling, we'll guide you every step of the way.


Combined Amazon Sales Since 2019!


50+ clients & counting. We are building and managing a true empire of E-commerce brands and sellers.


Amazon's growth YOY from 2019-2020. There is not a better time to start!

What RESULT You Can Expect

If you qualify for our service, you can expect to see the following results:

Tap into the Vast Market of Amazon Buyers

Unlock the potential of 150 million Amazon Prime customers who are eager to purchase products. This presents a massive opportunity for your business to tap into a huge market and drive significant growth.

Constant Innovation

Constant innovation helps us stay aligned with Amazon's terms of service. We excel at growing and evolving our business to stay ahead of the competition on Amazon. Our unique 'bulletproof system' is specifically designed to thrive in the Amazon marketplace and ensure ongoing success for our clients.

Free Up Your Personal Time

Let our team of dedicated Amazon professionals take care of the day-to-day store management, so you can enjoy more time with your loved ones, pursue your travel aspirations and explore other business opportunities. We'll handle all the details, leaving you free to focus on what matter's most in you're life.

Account Health Management

Proper account health management ensures your account runs smoothly by monitoring key metrics such as orders, customer service, returns, listing quality, inventory and financial health. Goal is to build a solid foundation and it starts here.

Bullet Proof Partnership

At TruEcom, we are dedicated to building strong partnerships and working together to achieve mutual growth. We value collaboration and are committed to supporting each other to reach our full potential.

Business Performance Reports

We keep you informed with comprehensive reporting, including access to our exclusive sales dashboard, and regular monthly and yearly sales sheets, giving you a clear understanding of your daily sales, profitability, and performance.

Proven AMAZON Systems, One Low Monthly Fee.

Tap into MILLIONS Of Potential Customers NOW!


Don’t Wait Any Longer – it’s time to launch and scale your store on Amazon!

Discover how AMZ FBA NOW can help launch your store on Amazon. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Predictable Growth with a Clear Expect

Months 1-3:
Seasoning Period:

We'll focus on building the foundation for your Amazon store during the first 3 months, including onboarding, backend setup, product research, and listing optimization. This sets the stage for scaling and growth, with a revenue target of $12-$16k. We'll monitor sales data and make data-driven recommendations to maximize your revenue potential going into the scaling period.

Months 4-7:
Scaling Period:

We'll aggressively list quality products, integrate our warehouses to speed up fulfillment, and provide top-notch customer service for optimal growth. Our monthly sales target is $20-$40k. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal growth on Amazon by implementing these strategies and continuously optimizing your store's performance based on sales data.

Months 8-12 & Beyond:
Bullet Proof Method:

With quality systems already in place, our focus is building a sustainable business for long-term growth. Monthly sales target is $70k+ *depending on credit*. Our commitment to your business goes beyond achieving our monthly revenue targets. Once we reach our goal, we'll present you with a variety of options to take your business to the next level. These include expanding to new platforms, adding more stores, increased business credit & funding options. Our team is passionate about helping your business thrive, and we look forward to exploring these exciting possibilities with you.

Take the FIRST STEP Towards Unlocking the Full Potential of your Store. Build an Amazon Business NOW!

Why a Monthly Fee?

We've designed a system that gives our clients the opportunity to get their own Amazon store without the need for a large initial investment. Unlike our competitors, who charge exorbitant fees and take a percentage of profits, our solution is created to be fair and equitable for both our clients and our company.

What does our service offer?

Our Amazon FBM service offers a comprehensive solution to handle ALL aspects of running an FBM business on Amazon, from sourcing products and managing inventory to fulfilling orders and handling customer service we make it simple to get started on Amazon.

What do i need to do to get a store up & running?

Sign up for our Amazon FBM service today, and let our team guide you through the process of getting your business set up and running smoothly on Amazon. After signing up and paying the monthly fee, we'll schedule a call with you to kick off the onboarding process. Our team of experts will work closely with you to help you understand the ins and outs of launching on Amazon's marketplace.

You do not need an LLC to start but we highly recommend getting one as we scale your store. We recommend having at least $15-$20k in credit available for purchasing inventory.


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